Our telecommunication world is becoming more and more advanced with the passage of time. The mobile phone networks have progressed from 1G to 4G, the router services have advanced from Ethernet to wireless internet. Infact, everything is in progressing spree. Science has introduced us with so many technologies in telecommunication world as well. Routers, modems, 3G services, 4G services, Ethernet switch, internet, WI-FI, are all miracles of science. Our topic of discussion in this article is going to be 4G Ethernet router and it’s uses.

4G Ethernet router:

4G Ethernet router is the devices that provides its networks to other devices attached with it. This router is faster because of two reasons, first one is 4G and second one is Ethernet. 4G is latest advanced form of networking system which is faster and have various other features in it. Moreover, as Ethernet switch is directly connected to the devices it provides faster and better signals than WI-FI. Due to these two qualities 4G Ethernet router is quite fast, it is faster in downloading, faster in uploading, faster in responding, faster in receiving signals, etc.

Uses of 4G Ethernet Router:

There are various uses of 4G Ethernet router. Beginning with the most important one, that is it provides faster and better signals to the connected devices. Secondly it is lighter in weight and can be easily carried around. Thirdly, it is specially designed for harsh environments and weathers. So, even in thundering lights or extremely windy weather it keeps sending and receiving its signals. Other than that, it is cheaper in cost, lesser power consumption and have longer duration.

Difference between Ethernet and Internet:

Both Ethernet and internet are the forms of networks but the main difference between internet and Ethernet is that internet is the wide area network (WAN) whereas Ethernet is the local area network (LAN). Internet covers wider area around the world whereas Ethernet is limited to a local area that is Ethernet is comparatively faster. Some people confuse Ethernet switch with routers but that is not the case. As Ethernet switch directly connects other devices with the networking system whereas router supplies wireless signals. Mostly in offices three or four devices are inter-connected with the Ethernet switch which supplies its direct signals to them.


Sciences has bestowed upon us many technologies because of which our vision has been broadened as we are now more aware about what is happening around the world. From a tiny accident to a huge revolt, we can know about everything with the help of networking systems. Not only does these systems gives us awareness they also teach us about lot of things, there is online education platforms, online jobs, online cooking recipes, online makeup tutorials, etc. These networks are installed in various devices be it a modem, a router or an Ethernet switch. Similar is the case with 4G Ethernet router, it provides us information about the world in fastest way possible. Best 4G Ethernet routers can be bought from the Comset company of Australia. Go right here to find out more details.

What Are The Benefit Of VoIP Systems?

The VoIP is the new and latest way of making calls. Usually most of the calls in the current VoIP are made over the internet. This type of the mechanism for making calls have many advantages over the traditional phone calls system. The first advantage that the VoIP offers is the saving of money, the making of calls is very much cost effective over the internet. In the previous days, making calls were very much expensive and even now a day’s international calls by the public telephone networks are very much costly. But over the internet using video conference solutions Sydney, it is very much inexpensive, you can make calls of long durations anytime at the cost of just your internet broadband. You need nothing extra to pay for every call you made but all of these calls are covered under the bill of your broadband.

Another very advantage of the VoIP solutions is the feature of the portability. The landline telephones provided by the traditional public telecommunications do not provide you this feature. But with VoIP solutions, you can be connected to the network no matter where you are or where you go. The moment you have internet connection you can make a call from your device and can be connected to almost all around the world. 

There are VoIP adapters available now a day which can convert your traditional phones in VoIP enabled. These adapters are available in the form of the stick or sometimes as a USB that you can connect to either your laptop of to your phone. The function of this device is to sense the signals which are emitted by your traditional phone and then after capturing signals these are converted in to the digital signals used by VoIP solutions Sydney. After conversions these are sent over the internet. Some VoIP solutions assign their users a VoIP number which can be used to send or receive calls anywhere from the world. These are accessible as long as you are connected to a stable internet connection.

Not only the VoIP solutions are used for making point to point connection between two users but these can also be used for the video conference. The video conference allows calling multiple people at the same time. This is the very desired feature of the VoIP because with this feature you can be in touch with your employees and workers no matter where they are or no matter where you are.