You don’t need to hire a professional to decorate a beautiful outdoor space. Even a small patch of greens, artistic planters and imaginative ideas can make any small yard look majestic.

Raised beds

It is no big deal if you do not have a wide plot to grow a plant. A two-layered wooden table transformed as container garden can accommodate any plant to soak up in the sun and receive enough water daily on top of the container. The second layer can be storage for all the tools and accessories to be used in planting.

Potted plants

Even the outside walls of your house can grow lush of green plants with potted plants hanging everywhere. Fill your mini yards with plastic planters with anything flower or fruit bearing plants.

Vertical container

Create a DIY vertical wooden board that can accommodate more pots hanging with less space covered. Wooden board can also serve as fence or barrier for your house.

Use of ceiling

If there is no place to put your plants on the ground or you don’t have time for proper garden maintenance Melbourne, make it easy and display your plants through baskets hanging in the ceiling. It will definitely be a good accent to your house from the outside view.

Deceive what the eyes see

One of landscaping designers Louis Raymond says, you can’t view the whole garden from any one vantage. You’re not sure where it ends, so it appears to be larger than it is. By concealing pieces of the yard, a twisted leafy fence can optically magnify it.

Mix herbs

Herbs planted in different tub placed all together in a mini table are eye catching and at the same time edible or can be used in cooking.Rows of herbs can also be planted in pallets so you can just easily pick anything you need in the kitchen.

Window box

You can fill containers with variety of succulents and let it grow on its own as long as there is a good drainage from the container. These plants lined up in a window look refreshing in the eyes.

Step up

Use a wooden ladder for a space-saving location for your herbs, vegetable, flower. Just add some accent and a good paint to the ladder for a more artistic corner outside your house.


Reuse your old canvass or shoe organizer and hang it on your fence or wall. You can fill its compartments with ferns or vines.

Create your own furniture

Make your own table or chair where you can add some holes or openings to showcase some of your plants. You can sit back and relax while checking or watering your plants.